Lelaki memang ego kan kalau nak putuskan hubungan.
You don't want to take the blame. So you make all sorts of excuses to make it seem like its my fault.
Ok, now I feel so dumb for believing in you.

You know, the truth makes everything better, even though it will hurt awhile, but its better than keeping it a lie and what would happen if everything was revealed to humiliate you even more?
Yela. Sy mmg baik kan? Biasalah, kalau dah sayang, kita sanggup lepaskan dia untuk orang lain.
Oh well, hope you're happy with your new choice. Wish you all the best. I don't really like her that much. She seems more complicated than me, but if its your taste, your bad.

Ok, promise, last mushy2 entry from me. haha. kbai.