So Strange

It's so strange when you do something good, people awe at you and praise you for doing such things, and then when you change back to who you were before, merely just the same as good as the time they praised us, suddenly they take that all back and say things that hurt us. Who do they think they are to lose someone's faith dignity strength all in one go?! It's always the sweet talk to cover their blinded masks. I'm not stupid enough to fall for that trick. I'm 22, I can think for myself, and thank you Allah for still loving me and keeping me sane for all I've gone through in my life. And do they know? NO. They have no clue. All they know about is the facts. Empathy? They have NONE.

The world has turned crap for all I see it. People pretending to be as good as they are, but they're missing bits of pieces which are just as important as anything else. Dumb asses. Yes, thank you. I am not educated as you say I am. Cause I swear for all I know. So? Now what else? You wanna call me a cheap skate huh?