I need the support. Not the blame :'(

Yes, I might be wasting a valuable chance of perceiving a bright future by graduating in this "magnificent" institute. BUT what's more important? My bright future, or my happiness? Why now you want to blame me for this? I thought you understood, I thought you shared the same feelings as I do. Weren't we supposed to be thinking this out together, and accepting this together? Why did you have to make this hard for me?

 I made my decision. Can't you at least support me?

" Semua tu dugaan. Hadapi jela...Bukan senang nak dapat sana..."

You make it sound so simple. Don't you know how I tried hard to overcome it? Do you know how long it took me to think over and over again about reconsidering? Do you even care how many times I sank in my willingness to perceive the hopes of other people? I tried my best, and I know my weaknesses, and I know I have a chance out there. Don't you have faith in me? If you can't even support my life decisions, how are we supposed to live together one day? 

I called you because I needed someone to cheer me up. I called you because I missed you. 
This is what I get from you.
Sorry because I was silent before hanging up on you. I didn't want to sound weak to you.
I just couldn't help myself. :'(
Don't bother to call me. I don't want to talk to you.