Love, Rejection and Love again

Being in love is the greatest feeling in the world,
Being rejected is sore, it hurts like a bumble bee sting but eventually heals in time,
But being blamed by someone you love, is like dieing with a knife stabbed in your chest.

:) nak jumpa tak esok?
Terpulang lah...
Maksudnya tak nak la? okey...
Apenye. Kalau nak, datanglah, kalau tak nak, x payah. Hmm...
Bila tanya sal hubungan kita jwb 'tah', bila tanya sal nak jumpa, jwb 'terpulang'... kalau tak nak kawan, ckp la... tak ske la mcm ni...
Ap ne? Xnk kwn sudah! Esok xpyh dtg! Dh ak mls nk mcg dh..salam!

My fault for being too pushy. I was upset.
His fault for losing patience. Or did those words came out planned?

But he rest his words. He said what he wanted to say all this time eventhough he blamed me for it.
You really hurt me. It's over.

Why do you hurt me so much but yet I still love you?