5 reasons why you should NOT marry me

1. I hate cooking.
2. I'm so lazy.
3. I'm a crazy ass
4. I laugh like an idiot when i'm alone
5. I like to talk to myself
6. I'm so unpredictable
7. I'm not fat and cuddly
8. I know things some people don't know, but I don't know what everyone knows.
9. I'm so outdated.
10. I'm not ashamed of making a fool of myself in public
11. I'm a hooligan.
12. My saliva trickles when I sleep
13. I'm really grumpy in the mornings
14. I sulk alot.
15. I'm emo
16. I sneeze like there's no tomorrow
17. I don't know how to help, unless you tell me what to do.
18. I useless around the house.
19. I'm an internet addict
20. My eyes are puffy
21. I'm just too small.
22. I only like tall handsome people.
23. My teeth aren't nice.
24. I have bad breathe
25. I swear when I get mad.
26. I like to isolate myself alot.
27. I don't like to wear makeup.
28. I'm too thin.
29. I'm weak.
30. I have cancer.
31. I only love people who I love.
32. I get annoyed with people who talk alot and force me to do things I don't want to do.
33. One king sized bed will I conquer to myself.
34. My eyes are sometimes blue and sometimes black.
35. I sing alot to myself even if my voice stinks.
36. I cry almost every night.
37. My face is pale, like a ghost.
38. I like to go out walking.
39. shopaholic
40. your handphone will be full of stickers by the time mine is full of 'em.
41. I fart when ever and where ever I want to.
42. i am so childish
43. did I say I can't cook?
44. I am forgetfull
45. There was supposed to be a reason here, but i can't quite remember
46. I can't finish what I started. Mostly food.
47. I have too many zits and i'm just tired of 'em that I just don't care anymore.
48. Can't live without internet
49. My hair is all over the floor.
50. I'm a weirdo.

Oops...I left out a zero in the Title. Makes this 50 reasons then.