Takut nak start sem baru

Assalamualaikum, hey there everybody, How are you guys?

I was shocked to have received a tweet from Aqilla ajak i vlogging. Yeay! Ada geng nak vlogging. :) So next month will be our marathon vlog. Haha VEDFAM again! Siapa nak join, then come and join us!.

VEDFAM - vlog everyday for a month

Yes, seriously i can feel what Aqilla feels, dan dia lagi lama tak vlogging. I baru vlogging berapa jam lepas, dah rindu, apatah lagi dia. Seriously, i rindu nak tengok dia vlogging. She was one of my favourite vloggers, aside from alifstyle, yiliellie and cynicalMD :) I don't think Postrophy counted in, cause I had a crush on him then. HAHA. (oke, mampus kalau dia baca. Dia dah kahwin dah.. :D)

Anyway, i still prefer the old convensional way of vlogging. Nampak sgt natural.

Vlogging nowadays mcm dah di-comercialize. People are accepting it that way now, dan dah jadi trend yang sangat... unstoppable. People are just getting it wrong. haiz... sedih.

Lagi berapa hari lagi nak start sem baru. Two more weeks! Alahai... takut! I admit, sem lepas dapat result oke, tapi still, i tak yakin dengan kemampuan diri. :( There are just so many things i think about. Like how the lecturers are going to accept me, if I can handle their critisizme or not, if I can do the assignments in time or not, get no sleep at all or not.

Argh. And the sleep thing is the most feared of all.
Terlebih tidur, terlajak kelas, kena marah, tak cukup ilmu.
Kurang tidur, jadi zombie, otak biol, banyak penyakit, tapi asaimen siap, lecturer tak tentu lagi suka.

Darn... :(
help me. i think i'm worrying too much.