Too good to be true

Yea. Love is "too good to be true". At one time you think you own the world, everything is beautiful and you have butterflies in your stomach. For a short while, yes. But then it'll all turn dull in a split second. You start fighting, telling off of each other. You part ways. You miss each other, you make up and yea, we come back to phase one. Tired? slightly no. It's been three years over now. I don't think I'll get away from this now. He's a part of me now. Someone that I can't live without. Like a pair of shoes. What would you do without the other half? half barefooted. So not cool.

He's been really nice to me lately. He said he's changed. For good. Alhamdulillah if it's like that. Thank you Allah for showing him the way. He now feels the same way as I do. hopefully.

The important thing for me is, he's happy. With or without me doesn't matter. As long as he is happy. :)

But though, distance may break my heart to pieces.

But the time will come.
He told me, "You needn't worry. I will make up for everything I've promised in the past"
His eyes. They sparkled.
My heart fluttered.