Think Big!

It's been a very long since I've made a blog entry that is educated and full of information. So, I'm going to try and type one right now. Well, I've been reading this book lately. Just read half way through it, and believe me, its really nice. Its the type of book that doesn't give you the answers but actually lets you think about it.
Here's what it looks like.

 Among some of the things Michael Port says in this book are;

"The easy part is - just do it, Think big. The hard part is dealing every day with our own small thoughts and those of others that threaten to sabotage our self-confidence"


"Instead of saying 'why me?' ask yourself 'why NOT me?' "

Its an inspirational book, that makes you think. I borrowed it from the library. To tell you the truth, I even had a stupid idea of telling the librarian that I lost the book, just to keep it for myself. But don't worry, I'd never do that!

Its cool how my eyes caught on it. It looked like it was calling me or something. And I'm glad I picked it up. I'm the kind who thinks small alot. Reading this book just makes me feel like, I have to CHANGE!