Kepada Si Dia yang kusayang...

I know, I still love you.
but I've become afraid of you.
and you know why.
I'm afraid of people who get angry at me, ever since I was a child.
and even though I love you, I'm just afraid to be around you.
and that feeling really sucks.
because I want to see you, hear from you, but I'm afraid at the same time.
I've always considered myself a girl who would always crave your attention.
A little girl who didn't want to grow up.
And I only need a guy who can truly put up with my immaturity.
I can be mature sometimes, but when I'm around with a guy that I love, I just want to be THAT little girl again.
And when you're angry with me, it just makes me afraid of you,
because the little girl that stuck around you has always been paranoid of anger,
and you never took the moment to realize it.
I can't live like this anymore.
I'm just too paranoid.